Saturday, June 13, 2015

"The Art of Jacob Wayne"

The Georgetown Liquor Co & the Seattle Arts Coalition present:
"The Art of Jacob Wayne" 
Social Pop Surrealism in acrylic

Opening reception:
Saturday, 13 June from 6-9pm

Also showing during the Georgetown Carnival the same day from noon-10pm!

"My strongest ability is in Traditional Painting, in the style of what I would define as Social Pop Surrealism and a somewhat alla prima style with acrylics. Since beginning in 2004 I've participated in festivals, galleries, and organized events. I've also displayed work in different establishments, designed various media projects and my own art book, murals for local businesses, Sold pieces internationally, and also networked local artists for events in communities that I've lived. In 2008 I graduated from Utah State University with a BA in Asian Studies & a Minor in Chinese. Afterwards I taught at a High School in Hangzhou, China for a year and now I'm working in Seattle, WA." ~ Jacob

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