About Us

The Seattle Arts Coalition (SAC) is a non-profit organisation committed to providing artists with necessary tools of the professional art trade and promoting artist engagement in the Seattle community and beyond. We sponsor events for artists and artisans including exhibitions, art fairs, and forums. The SAC offers curating, installation and PR services, as well as advice and questions answered to artists interested in showing and selling their work in the Northwest. The SAC is directed by Seattle artists and curators Braden Duncan of Clockwork Art and Rachel Setzer of Setzer Studio Arts.

A little history...

Braden and Rachel met as students at Cornish College of the Arts in 2003. Upon graduating in 2007, we realised that there is a lot more to being a professional working artist than you can learn in a classroom. In the years that followed, we pursued our separate art practices, managed small businesses, and dedicated time and energy to getting to know Seattle's art culture. In 2013 we decided to join forces to create a coalition - by artists, for artists - as a way to share what we've learned in our quests to turn art making into a career.

We want art and the art making process to be more accessible, available, and profitable for artists and their communities - not just locally, but nationally and globally as well. Art has the ability to direct and shift cultural perspective, and Seattle artists should be at the forefront of the contemporary art movement. It starts here in Seattle, as we encourage artists to become more active and involved in their communities, and it spreads as we pay it forward. Support your local art scene!

Braden Duncan (a.k.a. Clockwork Art). Artist & curator. Watercolour & oil. Steampunk & circuitry. She is inspired by the intricate elegance created by the convergence of biological and mechanical elements, and fascinated by the effects of transformative technologies on contemporary society. She aims to take over the world with the strange and the adorable. She is the co-founder of the Seattle Arts Coalition, writer of Art Scene Seattle, curator of Steamposium's Artist Alley, and a member of the international Strange Dreams Surreal Art Collective. She lives and works in Seattle; and regularly assists with curating, art installation, event coordination, and marketing for a number of art spaces around the Northwest.

Rachel Setzer graduated from Cornish College of the Arts in 2007 with a BFA in sculpture and photography. After school she spent several years as an entrepreneur while living in the dreaded 'burbs. Upon returning to Seattle in 2013, she immediately began making art again and has helped to co-found the Seattle Arts Coalition.