Saturday, March 8, 2014

"Pain Body"

The Georgetown Liquor Company & the Seattle Arts Coalition present:

"Pain Body"
by Rachel Setzer

Your pain is real, it is really part of you, no one has the right to deny it or diminish it. However, just because it hurts, doesn't mean that it's in charge.

Opening reception:
Saturday, 8 March from 6-9pm

Showing through 31 March

Thursday, March 6, 2014

"An Evening of Light-Hearted Horror"

Trabant Coffee, Laika Lounge & the Seattle Arts Coalition present:

"An Evening of Light-Hearted Horror"
Featuring the Happytime Apocalypse crew

Opening reception:
Thursday, 6 March

HappyTime Apocalypse is an art collective that celebrates the balance of dark and light, good and evil, happy and horrified. We aim to create an artistic escape from the horrors of the world that surround us by bringing attention to the humor and beauty within the maddening and grotesque parts of the human experience, illuminating the opposing forces of humanity within us all.

The HappyTime Apocalypse collective will have craft booths set up as well during the opening night Art Walk!

Trabant Coffee & Chai is happy to celebrate the official opening of its late-night alter-ego: Laika Lounge!

During the day time, Trabant is a coffee house devoted to providing the denizens of Downtown Seattle with delicious espresso. At night, Laika Lounge takes over as a Russian restaurant and craft cocktail lounge. That means that Art Walk nights will now be 21+ but the work will be available for all-ages viewing during day time hours.