Monday, June 9, 2014

"The Fine Art of Nicolas Cage"

Do you like Nicolas Cage? Do you like art? Have you always, secretly, in the deepest darkest part of your subconscious heart of hearts really wanted to see an artistic tribute to one of the coolest actors around? We thought so! That's why you're invited to witness this spectacular event!

Opening reception:

Georgetown Liquor Company
Saturday, 14 June from 6-9pm
Part of the Georgetown Carnival

Featured artists:
Aaron Morgan, Andrew Miller, Aubry Andersen, Braden Duncan, Eli Wolff, Heather Coles [HAC], Jeff Farnam, Jesse Porterfield, John Seuferling, Kassandra Davis, Kelli Albright, Ken Hales, Krissy Downing, Laurel Dodge, Luba Pacyga, Olivia Janik, Rachael Conley, Rachel Setzer, Rhodora Jacob, Ronnie Taylor, Sami Saurus, Thea Wolfe , and more!

Curated by:
Braden Duncan & Rachel Setzer

"We Are the Art" ONE DAY EVENT!

The Seattle Arts Coalition presents:
"We Are The Art"
A fundraiser to support artist involvement in the Seattle community

When & Where:
Krab Jab Studio
Saturday, 14 June from noon-9pm
(to coincide with the Georgetown Street Fair)

At the Event:
Art Faire featuring local vendors!
Live art!
Silent art auction!
And more!

Free and open to the public!

Our goal:
We have non-profit status in WA State, but we still need the 501(c)3 stamp of approval from the federal government. It costs money to file the paperwork, but once we have it, all donations to the Coalition will be tax deductible, and we'll have more options available to help local artists achieve their professional art goals. All fundraiser proceeds will go toward our 501(c)3 filing and sponsoring our upcoming art events!

The Seattle Arts Coalition (SAC) is a non-profit organisation committed to providing artists with necessary tools of the professional art trade and promoting artist engagement in the Seattle community and beyond. We sponsor events for artists and artisans including exhibitions, art fairs, and forums. The SAC offers curating, installation and PR services, as well as advice and questions answered to artists interested in showing and selling their work in the Northwest.

Directed by Seattle artists and curators Braden Duncan of BC Duncan Design and Rachel Setzer of Setzer Studio Arts, the SAC is our chance to share with fellow artists what we've learned in our quests to turn art making into a career. We want art and the art making process to be more accessible, available, and profitable for artists and their communities - not just locally, but nationally and globally as well. Art has the ability to direct and shift cultural perspective, and Seattle artists should be at the forefront of the contemporary art movement. It starts here in Seattle, as we encourage artists to become more active and involved in their communities, and it spreads as we all do our part to pay it forward. Please join us and help support your local art scene!

The Seattle Arts Coalition would like to thank Krab Jab Studio for generously donating their art space to us for the evening!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

"Don't Lick the Fine Print"

Trabant Coffee & Chai & the Seattle Arts Coalition present:

"Don't Lick the Fine Print"
The Collagemonauts are taking over Trabant with a delectable series of collage works! We invite you to look as closely as you like, just don't lick the fine print...

Opening reception:
Thursday, 5 June

Show runs through 30 June

The Collagemonauts are Marty Gordon, Tim Manthey and Craig van den Bosch. It began with a series of collaborative collage journals in 2011 modeled after the Exquisite Corpse technique of art making in which no image is sacred. The collaboration has since evolved into larger scale pieces, and will soon include a graphic novel, a short film, and more!

Their work explores themes of space, religion, indigenous people, and medical science. This show features the Collagemonauts' collaborative work as well as individual pieces by Marty, Tim, and Craig.