Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Art of Curtis Ashby (CASH)

Otherworlds & the Seattle Arts Coalition present:

The Art of Curtis Ashby

Opening reception:
Thursday, 15 October, 5-8pm

Encore reception:
Thursday, 19 November, 5-8pm

Showing though 12 December 2015

"I am a painter and designer of graphics from Seattle, WA. I create art for the story behind the image. I feel like my art is most successful when it helps spark a conversation or an emotion with the viewer. A lot of my paintings are based on childhood experiences as well as my overwhelming need to treat life as an adventure and enjoy every moment of it. After losing my younger brother in January of 2014, my outlook on life changed dramatically and I have been actively pursuing my passion for creating while looking to memories of him as inspiration for my latest work. With the support of my fans, friends, and family I am able to continue to create my unique brand of art and push forward with new projects that challenge me to stay adventurous and think outside the box."

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Art of Eli Wolff

The Seattle Arts Coalition & the Georgetown Liquor Co present:

The Art of Eli Wolff

Opening reception:
Saturday, 10 October from 6-9pm

Showing through 5 December

Eli Wolff is a video game designer who enjoys spending free-time creating art work.

He enjoys a wide variety of influences so each new painting is a fun surprise. He tries to do a new painting at least a couple times a month, so check back regularly to see new work.

He carries on the creative tradition of his grand mother who worked as a neon sign designer in Seattle in the 1950s. Her most famous was the Pink Elephant car wash.

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