Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Art of NiNABRi©

The Georgetown Liquor Co & the Seattle Arts Coalition are excited to host the Art of NiNABRi©

NiNABRi© is a visiting artist from Slovenia, so let's give her a kick-ass Seattle welcome!

The most colorful creatures far and wide!

NiNABRi© was born 5th of January 1984 in Ĺ empeter pri Gorici, Slovenia. She graduated in 2012 from Art pedagogy at Faculty of education. She works in the fields of painting, sculpting, illustration, comics, toy and puppet making. Her works were published in the magazines Mladina, Primorske novice, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Primorski dnevnik, Klik and TV broadcast Kultura on RTV SLO1. She lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

For more info:

NiNABRi©'s art will show alongside Evan Amarante Soares' "Flight of the Goldfinch" encore reception.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

"The Art of Alicia Hatfield"

Trabant Coffee & the Seattle Arts Coalition present:

The Art of Alicia Hatfield
Woodblock prints & more!

Opening reception: 
Thursday, 7 May from 6-9pm
Trabant Coffee, Pioneer Square

For more info:
Alicia Hatfield Art

Every morning I’d wake up with a new heartbreak, as I emptied out the jar of dead fireflies.
But every night I was still so ecstatic capturing them,
and somehow just leaving them outside didn’t feel like an option.

They’ve always captivated me

Precious, Alien,
Short lived, numerous,
Powerful, vulnerable,
Passing, armored

Unlike your company,
I can keep them in a jar

But like your company,
They don’t last long.
Or at least as long as I’d like.

All the sticks and leaves and water-soaked cotton balls in the world
Won’t make either of you stay forever

But I can try to fake it