Thursday, October 2, 2014

"Morbid Anatomy"

Otherworlds and the Seattle Arts Coalition present: 

"Morbid Anatomy" the intricate assemblage shadow boxes of artist Anita Arora

"Being a sociology junkie and fan of the obscure, Anita has always been attracted to the academic yet extremely human nature of scientific studies. In particular, as they relate to the more extreme inner workings of the human mind and body both as they connect to society and in themselves as a dynamic, mysterious machine." (from

Opening Reception:
Thursday, 16 October from 6-8pm

Show runs 1 October - 30 November

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"Fat Birds" (The Return)

"Fat Birds" has migrated to Trabant in the U District! Tiny birds, enormous birds, realistic, surrealistic, stylistic birds, in monochrome and technicolour! They have one thing in common: they're all adorably, deliciously fat!

Featured Artists:
Braden Duncan
Hanna Myers
Fatima Al Khuzaei
John Osgood
Julia Carpenter
Kat Houseman
Laura Tempest Zakroff
Shanna Duncan
Shawn Wood
Travis Talburt
and more!

Curated by:
Braden Duncan

Opening reception:
Friday, 17 October from 6-9pm
Trabant Coffee in U District

Encore receptions:
Friday, 21 November from 6-9pm
Friday, 19 December from 6-9pm

Show will run through 31 December!

"Samhain" by Shanna Duncan

The Georgetown Liquor Company and the Seattle Arts Coalition present:

"Samhain" by Shanna Duncan

Following her first solo showing at the Georgetown Liquor Co., Shanna Duncan returns with works of art during the 2nd Saturday Georgetown Art Attack!

Shanna's style combines a "gritty symbolism with a macabre sense of humor infused with a whimsical air". You may recognize her work from various shows here in the Seattle area, in addition to pieces from her clients including Fender Guitars, Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast, Skullcandy, National Geographic, etc. So come down to the Georgetown Art Attack to view her work!!

For more info on Shanna and her work, check out:

Opening reception:
Saturday, 11 October

Show runs from 10 October - November