Thursday, June 4, 2015

"Post-Industrial Nostalgia"

Trabant Coffee & the Seattle Arts Coalition present:

Post-Industrial Nostalgia: 
Amelia Marsh Arts

Opening reception:
Thursday, 4 June from 6-9pm
Trabant Coffee, Pioneer Square

Showing through 30 June 2015

More info:

When I was a kid and my parents wouldn’t buy me a teddy bear, I cried. Not because I didn’t get what I wanted, but because I had told the teddy he had a home with me and that I would keep him safe, and I had let him down. Even now, when I don’t want to give it credence, I feel a twinge: this object has a soul. A character. A vacuum tube that passed inspection in 1936. A stranger’s perfect handwriting. Lost glasses, smashed headphones, half of a lawn ornament. Keys, oh so many keys to doors I will never find. They are tiny mysteries and tiny kindnesses: finding homes for abandoned objects. I pick them up.

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