Saturday, February 1, 2014

Less Than Three: A Show of Hearts

Less Than Three [ <3 ]

Thursday, 6 February 2014

February is the hearty month! A collection of artists have put together works based on two different shapes, (an anatomical heart and a graphic heart lovingly laser crafted by Bellevue Fine Art Reproduction), meant to showcase their experience of that whole love thing; known on the internet as the mathematical equation "< 3" or ♥.

Featured artists:
Alexandria Sandlin, Amanda Crowley, Andrew Miller, Aubry Andersen, Braden Duncan, Brandy Tomlin, Christine Brauch, Cody Hunemuller, Corey Skillman, Jesse Porterfield, Kassandra Davis, Kree Arvanitas, Laurie McClave, Rachel Setzer, Rick Strieck, Ronnie Taylor, Rose Miller, Thomas Drake Steffans, and Vikram Madan 

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