Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Art of Krissy Downing

The Georgetown Liquor Co & the Seattle Arts Coalition present:

The Art of Krissy Downing

Krissy Downing has honed a unique brand of surrealism, pushing the envelope to redefine the genre with her self-defined stream-of-consciousness approach. Each composition is loosely mapped, free from censor and directive introspection, birthing a pure organic foundation of subconscious aesthetic ideals and then repeatedly interpreted and molded until its inherent narrative is revealed.

"I revel in the moments that hover between asleep and awake, when what’s left of dreams is winding its way out the dimly grayed space where our heads lay and just before all the colors bleed from our mystical beings, metamorphosing selves and physics defied to reveal lucidity. These moments are a suspension of sensory perception (and consequent self-awareness) that lets the brain continue forming images, sounds, tactile journeys the same seemingly random way dreams do. My work is born from these moments."
- Krissy Downing

Opening reception:
Saturday, 11 March from 6-9pm

Encore reception:
Saturday, 8 April form 6-9pm

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