Saturday, April 11, 2015

"Prophesy of the Goldfinch"

The Georgetown Liquor Co & The Seattle Arts Coalition present:

"Prophesy of the Goldfinch: The Art of Evan Amarante Soares"

Opening Reception:
Saturday, 11 April from 6-9pm
Show will run thru 30 May

Evan Amarante Soares is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Seattle, WA. He was born in Redmond and lived there 18 years before moving to Portland, OR and then on to South America.

Having returned to Seattle in 2011, Evan now works as a graphic designer in the software industry and as an independent artist whenever possible.

Evan’s work has been described as “secretive and cryptic” and also “kinda tattoo-lookin’.”

His latest poster series, Prophecy of the Goldfinch, is an experiment in illustrative storytelling that draws subject matter from an imagined mythology of his own creation and the incomplete odyssey of an unnamed goldfinch-like creature.

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