Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"Fat Birds" (The Return)

"Fat Birds" has migrated to Trabant in the U District! Tiny birds, enormous birds, realistic, surrealistic, stylistic birds, in monochrome and technicolour! They have one thing in common: they're all adorably, deliciously fat!

Featured Artists:
Braden Duncan
Hanna Myers
Fatima Al Khuzaei
John Osgood
Julia Carpenter
Kat Houseman
Laura Tempest Zakroff
Shanna Duncan
Shawn Wood
Travis Talburt
and more!

Curated by:
Braden Duncan

Opening reception:
Friday, 17 October from 6-9pm
Trabant Coffee in U District

Encore receptions:
Friday, 21 November from 6-9pm
Friday, 19 December from 6-9pm

Show will run through 31 December!

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