Friday, November 1, 2013

CALL FOR ART: The Snowflake Show

As many of you know, I am now the curator at Trabant Coffee & Chai in Pioneer Square. For December, I'd like to have an exhibition of similar yet singular Winter Solstice ornaments! Everyone knows that no two snowflakes are alike... but what if they all started as the same shape, and deviated independently?

The only stipulation is that you use the original snowflake as the base of your creation, and that it can hang from a ribbon on a wall so that we can display it at the 1st Thursday Art Walk. (This doesn't mean your design has to be 1-sided or even flat; feel free to 360 it!)

The materials:
Wooden laser cut snowflakes (provided by me, courtesy of Bellevue Fine Art Reproduction)
Ribbon for hanging (provided by me)
Your imagination (be creative and have fun!)

The challenge:
Create your own unique snowflake!
(No more than 3 per artist)

Laser cut snowflakes are available NOW! You can pick them up directly through me as well as at Trabant in Pioneer Square. Trabant has a sign up sheet for your name, contact info, and the # of snowflakes you're making.

The deadline for art drop off will be Monday, 2 December at 6pm. I am happy to collect your snowflakes in person, or you can drop them off at Trabant in Pioneer Square.

Pricing will be up to each artist, but it would be nice to keep everything in the $20-100 range, because people dig unique yet inexpensive gifts. :) Trabant takes a 40% commission, so consider your pricing and material costs accordingly.

If you are not a Seattle local, you are still welcome to participate! Just message me with your name and address, and I will send the snowflakes to you! Once they're decorated, just send them back to me by December 2nd, and we'll include you in the show!

Please post pics of your completed snowflakes here or send them to my email: Pics I receive before the 29th will be featured on the flyer!

Feel free to contact me with any questions! Cheers!

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